watching live olympics on linux

Using NBC

I was originally excited because NBC was going to use YouTube for live streaming because YouTube works fairly well under linux. When I logged into my Comcast account, NBC just continued to ask me to log in. Apparently many other Linux users faced a similar problem. I eventually figured out that Linux Mint 13 XFCE works completely fine and has no problems. So I had to look for alternatives.

I spent a couple hours trying to figure out why worked fine under Mint 13 and got nowhere. I installed the mint-flashplugin-11 package on my Arch desktop – nothing.

Well, I found out what was wrong. Flash requires I have hal running, which needed to be installed from the AUR. A reddit comment linked to a blog which linked to this Adobe help page saying so. Now NBC streaming works.

Using BBC

Then I came across this reddit post which then led me to this tunlr forum post. This required me to change my resolv.conf to have these:


Then on that same page, it was suggested to set resolv.conf to be immutable, ie:

sudo chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf

Just need to remember to set it to -i when done. Now I am able to go to the BBC website and view the streams.

BBC on my TV

To view a video in MPlayer is kind of a big deal for me since then I can easily put the video on my television. I was lucky enough to come across this mailing list post for get_iplayer and found this does exactly what I want.

To watch it in MPlayer, I just run the following command:

get_iplayer --pid p00w2t4c --stdout --nowrite | mplayer -cache 512 -

The pid comes from the last part of the url when you go to any of the streams on the BBC’s website.

This means I can watch the Olympics live on my television.

I would still like to figure out how to get the NBC 720p streams on my TV and without all the ads. Until then, I think I may favor the BBC stream since it gives me exactly what I want to see.