a small haskell hscurses (ncurses) example

import UI.HSCurses.Curses
import System.Exit
import Control.Monad

main = do
  mainwin <- initScr

  echo False
  keypad mainwin True

  mvWAddStr mainwin 5 10 "Press a key ('q' to quit)..."
  mvWAddStr mainwin 7 10 "You pressed: "

  forever $ do
    c <- getCh
    if c == KeyChar 'q' 
      then delWin mainwin >> endWin >> exitSuccess
      else do
        move 7 10
        mvWAddStr mainwin 7 10 $ "You pressed: " ++ show c

the only thing that bugs me is i did not see another function to print a string besides mvWAddStr. i should look a little harder for that.