Frigidaire Range Sucks

Maybe I’ll end up finding this page when I’m having trouble with my frickin frigidaire range. Back in November, I had this crazy beeping. I posted a couple videos on YouTube so I wouldn’t sound totally crazy [1,2].

I was able to find a replacement control board and eventually fix it.

This SEARS page has a lot of information for parts and they seem reasonably priced. I did not know about it before when I had this problem, so I bought my parts on Amazon:

Everything was fine, until last night when I noticed a bit of condensation on the control board… Then it started beeping and ultimately giving an awful F11ERR error. For the time being, I’ve shut off the stove from the circuit breaker.

Manual recomendation

I just wanted to update this as of September, 2018. We had bought a new range and replaced our Frigidaire.